Obtain the below electronic documents:

•    The curriculum vitae of the nominee or team members (for the Interprofessional Team category)
•    A letter clearly explaining how the candidate or team distinguishes itself in the category in question (for example, by describing their work and its impact)

Complete the online entry form (as an individual or team) entering your contact information as well as the nominees contact information

Stay tuned!

Winners will be celebrated at an industry event in November and profiled in the December Issue of The Medical Post!

Some good advice

If your colleague deserves to be recognized, it helps to submit a clear dossier!


Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Demonstrate the candidate’s value to their patients or in their community or for the Media Engagement awards how their work lead change in society
  • Describe, with examples, the initiatives the applicant has taken
  • Describe the reaction of patients, colleagues, stakeholders, etc


Judges appreciate:

  • Clear and complete records
  • A clear description of the candidate’s initiatives and work