How to Submit a Nomination


Obtain the below electronic documents:

Nominations consist of two required items and an option of including supporting documents:

  1. Nomination letter: It should focus on three areas: Innovation, Impact and Contribution (details below).

  2. A CV / resume — should be, ideally, under 5 pages

  3. (Optional) Supporting documents.

Complete the online entry form (as an individual or team) entering your contact information as well as the nominees contact information

Stay tuned!

Winners will be celebrated at an industry event in November and profiled in the December Issue of The Medical Post!

Important Rules to Consider

1. You can nominate yourself! 

2. Once you have won once, you can’t enter that category again for three years 

3. You cannot enter both the Innovative Practice and Interprofessional Team Awards in the same year. As a nominator, you should think about whether the nomination is more about interprofessional or innovative practice? The Innovative Practice Award is about a practice that is doing something new to improve healthcare, health education, patient experience or the way we do things. This award is for a practice that is working on the future state of medicine. The Interprofessional Team Award is about a team that is making a difference for a group of patients.

Some good advice

If your colleague deserves to be recognized, it helps to submit a clear dossier!


Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Demonstrate the candidate’s value to their patients or in their community or, for the Media Engagement awards, how their work led change in society
  • Describe, with examples, the initiatives the applicant has taken
  • Describe the reaction of patients, colleagues, stakeholders, etc


Judges appreciate:

  • Clear and complete records
  • A clear description of the candidate’s initiatives and work
  • In your nomination letter, judges are looking for information about the following....
    • Innovation                     
      • Is the candidate’s work unique or ground-breaking?

      • Has the candidate displayed a unique vision?

      • Has the candidate taken a fresh approach to a problem?
      • Are they forward-thinking?
      • Are they using new tools?
    • Contribution
      • How significant is the scope and depth of the candidate’s work?

      • Does the candidate’s work show an ongoing dedication and commitment to the cause or project?

      • Has the candidate had to overcome significant challenges to continue their work?

    • Impact
      • How significant/widespread is the impact of this candidate/their work? (Think impact on: patient care, access to healthcare, clinical treatments, medical practice, affected communities, public opinion, political opinion, etc.)

      • Does the work result in a new awareness or approach?

      • Does the nominee/their work advance a cause, process or treatment?

      • Will this work result in change?